Planting for diversity

Updated: Aug 31

Discover three plants that will attract native birds and increase the biodiversity in your back yard!

You can help to nurture nature by planting native species and supporting biodiversity in your own backyard. Connecting with nature daily can also enhance your well-being.

Image: Aneta Foubikova

If you plant Kōtukutuku (NZ Fuchsia) they will feed:

  • Tūī

  • Korimako | Bellbird

  • Tauhou |Silvereye

  • PĪwakawaka | Fantail

  • Miromiro | Tomtit

  • Riroriro | Grey Warbler

They also harbour good invertebrate communities, and their nectar and fruit are eaten by kereru!

If you plant Harakeke (Flax) they will feed:

  • Pāpā | Gecko

  • Tūī

  • Korimako | Bellbird

  • Tīeke | Saddleback

  • Pekapeka | Short tailed bats

Several types of insects also enjoy drinking nectar from the flax flower :)

If you plant Whauwhaupaku (Five-Finger) they will feed:

  • Korimako | Bellbird

  • Pōpokotea | Whitehead

  • Tūī

  • Tauhou | Silvereye

  • Kererū Kūkū Kūkupa

  • Hihi | Stitchbirds

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